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We would like to thank everyone that participated
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What do we mean by 'Experiential Learning'?

Experiential learning connects knowledge with action to produce deeper, applied understandings.

Within experiential learning, students participate in learning, activities, and reflections that engage them with communities, challenge them in authentic ways, and support their growth as citizens, humanitarians, and professionals.

Examples of experiential learning can include:

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Service Learning
  • Study Abroad
  • Internship
  • First Year Experience Course
  • General Education Course
  • Leadership Program
  • OR another experience or program that you, as a student or as a faculty member, feel fits the above definition.

As we move through the year, we will be posting explorations in experiential learning in the form of videos and blog posts written by Virginia Tech students and faculty. Our goal is to maintain a balance between being specific and inclusive of experiences that merit recognition. 

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